3commas Review

3commas Review

3commas Review

If you are new to trading, the 3commas app may be a good place to start. The app allows you to view your profits and losses and can even let you add notes or comments to trade orders. It also offers a support ticket system, which is fast and easy to use. If you encounter any issues, you can always ask questions on 3Commas’s social community. In general, 3commas is one of the easiest platforms to learn how to use.

Compared to the Cryptohopper, 3commas uses an algorithm called Dollar Cost Averaging to automatically place trades on the forex market. The algorithm allows users to set a maximum limit, stop loss, and take profit level. The system will then automatically enter and exit trades without human involvement. The robot can then run for many years without changing settings. There are two bots – the simple one and the composite one. Both bots are equipped with risk-minimizing features, including Take Profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss. Experts agree that trading without safety mechanisms is irresponsible.

3commas Review The company is well-established, has a robust social media presence, and receives mostly positive reviews from users. The customer service center allows users to contact the support team directly through the platform and get assistance with any issues. Customer service requests are responded to within hours, which is a good sign for users. The community is quick to provide help when you need it. However, the software’s ease of use may not be for everyone.

While the 3Commas platform has many benefits, there are some limitations to its use. Users must be aware that the system requires a tradingview account and Pine editor to work. Moreover, the software uses an algorithm called Quickfingers Luc (QFL) that attempts to find dead-cat bounces. 3Commas can be used to accumulate profits during macro-downtrends. This algorithm isn’t for beginners, though, and it’s only for advanced traders.

3Commas is also compatible with Binance Futures, BitMex, and ByBit. Although it supports a number of exchanges, the 3commas trading terminal’s auto bots and manual Smart Trade may not be compatible with all of them. Furthermore, there are differences in the promotions available on specific exchanges. Using 3comas isn’t a bad idea. If you’re new to trading, start with paper trading and build up your knowledge. Then, if you like, sign up for their referral program. You’ll earn commissions when your referrals sign up.

Once you’re registered with 3Commas, you’ll be taken to your dashboard where you can connect your crypto exchange accounts. You can either create your account directly on the 3Commas website or use links provided by 3Commas. The mobile app is functional and lets you monitor your portfolio and make quick trades. Moreover, you can start an automated bot using the mobile app as well. If you’re interested in 3Commas, sign up for their free trial.

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