Sustainable environment – the necessity of the hour

Sustainable environment – the necessity of the hour

Sustainable environment – the necessity of the hour

Sustainable environment – the necessity of the hour

In a diverse country like India with a plethora of contradictions and complexities, environmental sustainability is an important topic that deserves mention. With the ever-growing population accounting for 16% of the world’s population, there is constant pressure on natural resources. An enormous pressure on natural resources leads to widespread degradation that could lead to serious consequences in the near future, leaving almost no resources for future generations.

A sustainable environment is one in which all water resources, including the ocean, freshwater seas, and land and air resources, are in perfect harmony with the economic models of progress.

Stress on resources

Overuse and rather careless use of resources in the recent past has led to problems such as desertification and soil depletion, which have seriously affected the lives of many people. This has even led to changing rainfall patterns and droughts in certain areas. That is why we are witnessing a relentless pressure on cultivable and forest resources and depletion of natural resources. The groundwater level is undergoing a sea change and the level may drop considerably in the coming period.

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Suggestions for overcoming challenges

A sustainable environment would lead to a healthier and happier atmosphere around. The flora and fauna would flourish, leading to greater environmental sustainability. The development of water resources is one of the steps that can be taken in this regard. This can be done in conjunction with contour digging and conservation of natural resources just to name a few.

Efforts should be made to convert barren land into productive areas by using environmentally friendly techniques. More bio-fertilizers should be promoted.

Animal and vegetative biodiversity must be preserved. This should be done by spreading awareness among villagers and farmers working in the same area. Crop management, including crop rotation, which guarantees a high fertility of the land, should be promoted and so should forest management.

Times are changing and therefore environmental sustainability must be in line with the times. This necessarily implies the use of renewable energy sources rather than coal and other energy sources that are already under stress.

Agricultural activities

Pollution must be kept under control as much as possible. Education and awareness must be spread among people to keep an eye on the pollution radar.

Marine life must be protected at all costs from the dangers of overfishing and water pollution from industries and factories. Agricultural activities should not harm the natural forest reserves. At the same time, judicious use of fossil fuels is strongly recommended.

The habitats of birds and animals must be protected against human intervention at all costs. Only this could control the drastic rate of their extinction.

A sustainable environment aims to conserve natural resources for future generations and ensure their judicious use by current generations. In the commercialized world, it is also the duty of every citizen to contribute as much as possible because every little thing counts. Here too, the companies must step in and do what they can to replenish the resources they also need.

Sustainable environment

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