World Environment Day | Top 5 Activities, Experience and Songs

World Environment Day | Top 5 Activities, Experience and Songs

World Environment Day Activities for Increase Awareness in Your Primary School

World Environment Day with the future of the planet is in the hands of our children. It is vital that they are educated from an early age on the issues of securing a safe, happy, and healthy future for themselves. World Environment Day provides an excellent opportunity to highlight some of these issues, hoping to inspire children to become more environmentally conscious in the long run. I’ve put together these top 5 activities and songs for World Environment Day to help you do it in a way that’s fun, easy, and memorable for primary school children.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Activities and songs for World Environment Day

Process it in storytime. Storytelling is a great way to get kids thinking about important topics, and there’s no shortage of children’s fiction on environmental issues. I particularly recommend George Save The World By Lunchtime from Dr. Jo Readman, who has a powerful message about the big difference small lifestyle changes can make. Read your chosen book in class at the beginning of the week to get the issues new in the minds of children.

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Try the ‘green challenge’. The afternoon before, ask the children to present themselves with a small challenge. E.g. take the bus instead of a lift to school, make sure all the lights are off when you leave the house. Explain how even such small things can make a big difference and encourage them to live with this mindset long after World Environment Day.

Get creative with recycling. In the days leading up to World Environment Day, ask children to save and upcycling bottles, cans, paper, waste materials, etc. For example, you can make rain sticks from Pringle cans, cell phones from egg cartons, bird feeders from milk jugs – use your imagination and encourage your class to do the same. Paint everything in bright colors and decorate with everything you can find, showing that everyday waste can be turned into items that are both useful and beautiful.

World Environment Day Songs in the Classroom

Put on a play. There are some wonderful children’s plays that contain important moral messages about the area. It’s up to you whether you prepare the play in the weeks leading up to World Environment Day, work through the script and songs in the classroom, or use individual songs to support certain topics. I recommend Eddie The Penguin saves the world! and The Litter Mucher, both written by Niki Davies.

Have a sing-along. Speaking of songs, if you don’t want a full play script, there are also several books of primary school songs that contain only one or two songs for World Environment Day. Here comes summer, for example! from Out of the Ark offers a selection of songs for the summer period, including Recycle Me and Walk to School. Other titles include everything from warm weather to Father’s Day, making this songbook useful the rest of the time as well.


Different Experience With World Environment Day

Humans are such persistent creatures of habit. Any small change in their lives can upset them and immediately put them in a state of confusion. Repetition and daily routine make us feel safe so we know what to expect, but we still often crave a little change. Many of us enjoy traveling abroad on vacation, experiencing new cultures, experiencing different foods, and enjoying completely different landscapes.

It is usually when we are on vacation that we are most willing to try something new, entertain the sunbathers on the beach with our horrific water-skiing skills, go diving, order a plate of snails or squid, and be completely adventurous. We even wear bright and brash summer clothes, such as Hawaiian shirts on the beach, that we wouldn’t even dream of wearing at home.

All we need to open our minds to a new experience is to free ourselves from the familiarity of our daily lives, and there we are, acting like children in a playground and eager to be the first to try something unusual. Experiencing a different environment is what a week or two is all about on holiday. But what prevents us from holding that mindset when we get back home and the color disappears before our eyes? Perhaps it is precisely the fact that we do not find the opportunity to do something new so often. So much is waiting for all of us to discover.

World Environment Day is Great Occasion Gift

Experience days are great gifts for anyone of any age and you will be amazed at the variety of experiences out there to try. Your eyes will be opened by the different environments where the days take you. Whether it’s a special gift you’re looking for on an important occasion or a little treat for someone you love, experience days are a great way to try something new. You can even treat yourself to a few days of experience, because you know that you deserve it, from all people.

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Freedom of Diving

Alternatively, you can try piloting a light aircraft or a helicopter. Another totally different environment is water, and being underwater and getting a sense of what it must be like to be a sea animal or mermaid is more than words. With a Scuba Diving Experience Gift for Two, you will receive instructions from a qualified PADI Instructor before you immerse yourself in the pool to experience the joy and freedom of diving. If you like total silence, you will enjoy these days. All you can hear are the bubbles that leave your mouth and float to the surface.

This is one of many experience days that can introduce you to a new hobby, and one that can take you to many interesting new environments around the world. Another of the days of experience that will give you a luxurious time in peace and tranquility is a Floatation Therapy session, where you can relax and clear your mind in this unusual yet soothing environment. Experience days like this one person enjoys, so you can enjoy the feeling of calm, come up with nice thoughts, and forget the busy schedule that awaits you in the real world. Experience days that show you something new are an inspiration that will make you want to try out more new environments.

Good luck with your activities and songs for World Environment Day – I hope you found my suggestions helpful!


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